How we work.

Time Wise VA / How we work

What is in it for you? What are the financial benefits?

  • I work Virtually this means that you, the customer, avoids the expensive cost of office space, equipment, full time staff, holiday and sick pay, National Insurance and Tax.
  • I own the business which means that I do not acquire employment rights from you.
  • I can charge by the minute, hour or there is a day rate and half day rate.
  • You can pay for a package or a retainer for a set amount of hours per week, month or quarter.
  • It very much depends on your needs
  • If you travel extensively on business your support is the vital link with clients or for when that special piece of work is required.
  • I am available to work on one off projects as well as on a long term basis.

Ask yourself

  • Are you trying to catch up with invoicing?
  • Is your credit Control non-existent?
  • Do you never seem to have the time?
  • Is your cash flow affected?
  • Do you want the skills of a professional Bookkeeper (and PA) but only need one for a week, a couple of hours a day or week?
  • Do you feel cut of from the world because you are out on the road or working in a room in your home?
  • Are you constantly working away from your base?

Then working with TimeWiseVA can add value to your business

  • What are the tasks taking up your valuable time? What is slowing you down from achieving reaching your objective? How much time is taken up on these tasks?
  • Imagine now that you are delegating those tasks to me – freeing up hours of your time. What can you achieve in that time?
  • How is that having a positive difference to your business?
  • Does this allow you to earn income from that extra time. And how is that important to you?
  • So you can see that paying hourly for TimeWiseVA is actually great value? When you consider what you can actually achieve in that time.
  • Investing in my service is actually investing in time. And you can see how paying us for my services is going to give you time to achieve what you need or want to?

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